Welcome to the workforce!

As you can well imagine, the home office life has taken its toll on us all. Thankfully, we can work past that and feel absolutely no further effects, just by staying productive and staying connected.

This is the foundation of our company: Productivity and Connectivity. And with modern technology we've become quite good at quantifying both. 

Every day you'll receive several tasks that must be completed and several meetings that must be attended. Use your mouse to interact with anything that comes your way, and to maintain focus on your meetings. Let's all work together! Everything will be fine as long as nobody breaks eye contact. Ever.

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Matheus Cunegato (Game Designer and Programmer)


M D Salomon (Game Designer)


Bruna Richter (Artist)


Matheus Herrmann (Music/SFX)



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really cool game love the art and music!

very nice game!

Make an endless mode

I loved this game so much! The creator did an amazing job on this!

amazing game there were no difficulties starting or playing the game great job 10/10

Yeah this was pretty on point with the stress of working from home suddenly

Verry good



so great! so can I play minesweeper now?


Maybe one day we release the infamous minesweeper DLC, glad that you've enjoyed pigsuperhero!


Ingenious game! Loved this so much!


Thanks a lot for the comment IslandWind!


This game brings me so much joy!!

We are super happy to hear that zerothememe, glad that you've enjoyed it!





Loving the music!


Matheus, our Sound Designer, destroyed with the music, right?


this was so much fun

We are super glad that you've enjoyed Ajazzen!


sooo much fun and so well executed!!! <3

Ownn, thank you so much Mi! It means a lot to us!


A really charming artstyle :D

Bruna (our artist) nailed it, right? :D


Love the concept, and the art and music/sound are so charming!

Thanks Sunset Sorcerer, we are super happy that you've enjoyed it!


Such a fantastic job! Great art, plot and bgm!

Thank you so much gabscheneider, glad that you've enjoyed it!


i passed a really good time

So nice to hear g33j, thanks for leaving the comment <3


This game made me really happy

Ownn, we are super happy that you enjoyed Plufito!



Opa, valeu demais Vini! Ficamos felizão que curtiste <3


fantastic job, super charming!

Thanks a lot, windmill!


This was amazing. Perfect as a Game Jam game, but could be built out to be the Papers Please of working from home.


That's a giant compliment mcastegr! We also think the core has the potential to be expanded, hope we manage to expand this in the future, maybe someday!


This is so well done!!! The gameplay speaks so true to the rapid pace of a remote work environment! The art is also super charming. Excellent stuff


Thanks a lot, Nathann Latimore, it feels very familiar to our lives during this pandemic. Glad that you could relate, and super happy that you've enjoyed it!