Take a walk with your dog, or get dragged along, as the evil slimes lay waste to the dog park!

Relinquish all control as your canine co-pilot decides where you're heading, and where you'll be aiming!

Arrow Keys to move, X to pet the dog (and also shoot).

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Matheus Cunegato (Game Designer and Programmer)


Rodolfo Salazar (Artist and Magician)


M D Salomon (Game Designer)


Paulo Bohrer (Music)



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awesome concept and execution! love the heal mechanic being tied to petting the dog. also, damn that is one strong dog. 

as the owner of my dog, i can confirm that this is what it is like to walk your dog.


haha, don't press ctrl, he doesn't like it if you gain ctrl


lovely dog and game mechanic, was that a tensor i spot there?

Thanks a lot Omael! Not sure if I got, what exactly is a tensor?


So happy I could pet the dog. Key element of the games success for sure.

Completely agree, if there's a dog you must had the pet


Wow this was gun and cute. 
I must say it gets harder after the 5th wave where controlling the doggo is harder. I loved the start, but the waves become a bit too repetitive. 

The start song is good, but a bit odd for the one during battle time. 

overall very enjoyable and original in my opinion. It's polished just needs better game play after more waves. 


Thanks a lot for the feedback Jean. The game was kinda too much under the scope creep umbrella, I didn't had a good time programming this whole movement from the doggo, so things like a better wave balance or other enemies/stuff to make waves more fresh were not possible on time. But we completely agree and hope after the rating period is over, we can go back and add a few small tweaks to make the experience overall positive!

Again, thanks a lot for the feedback!


i agree with you :)

this was quite a fun/gun and cute game, but really i was quite amused as the levels go higher, your "doggo" keeps growing muscles lol, too much hyper ahahaha he must be eating protein powder along with his dog food lol.

i reached wave 7, he keeps pulling me to death hahahaha


lol I reached that same wave so I know how that feels! 


Yeaaa, wave 7 is super tough, we do want to scale the dog protein food a little bit less hard at those waves. It's scaling to much HAHA