Bugfixing and UI improvements

We got featured on the GMTK video!

Thank you so much for everyone that took the time to try out Towerbag. We're so amazed by the reception and we'll make sure to improve the game in the long run.

So, to celebrate, we've worked on an update for the game that contains some polishes and bugfixes. Check out the latest changes:

  • Changed the text color for upgrades
  • Added a color box behind the upgrade text
  • Added explosion (and explosion sound) when you defeat an enemy
  • Tower is now kinda visible behind the boss
  • Added a small particle dust when the character is running with the tower (and added sound too!)
  • Attack Speed buff is now better (maybe it's too much better, I'll fix this again later)
  • Added a number indicating the number of waves
  • Added a few tutorial tips
  • Changed the tower aim system (to be honest, is not perfect, but I'm not a good programmer, so I guess it's better than it was before)
  • Added boundary walls on the first menu and end screen menu
  • A few other small bugfixes


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Aug 20, 2019
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Aug 20, 2019

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