Play as a little lonely skull, carry your TowerBag and face the evil creatures of the forest. This is a Tower Defense Game, but with only one Tower. Arrow Keys/WASD to walk, Spacebar to grab the tower.

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Matheus Cunegato (Game Designer and Programmer)

Rodolfo Salazar (Artist and Magician)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsMatheusCunegato, dorodo
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsGameMaker, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Pixel Art, Tower Defense
Average sessionA few minutes


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An incredible amount of effort and heart went into this. Make this into an entire game, and charge money for this. if that isn't already your plan


Really fun! Wish there was more.


I want moooree!!!!!!!!!!


The game design is very dynamic and interessting ! Good luck if you continu to work on !


i wish there was more levels


Very cute, super simple, good concept, and most importantly super fun! Great job!


so fun. I couldn't stop playing

yea ik right


I love it! Had a great time, I was sad it was over so soon! 


Yeah same

I lost all my health at the last enemy of the last phase T_T


I love the idea, you should really make a longer version.


Hello sir, I want to hire you for gaming side projects please add me on twitter @dior_eth


Nice game. More levels please.

More levels please<3 I'd really love this game.

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Fantastic concept executed very well.  This has potential, and if you add enough varied content, it'd be worth a Steam release.


One of the best game's i've ever played no jokes. I'd love to see a full realese or at least more levels, very original and fun!

cool gam

Awesome tiny game! Very nice art! I really had a blast playing it :)

Wow. Hard, but fun! A really original game.


I thought it was pretty easy unless the downloaded version has more content


It would be amazing to see a full release for this. Super fun game,. Full release could include an endless mode and levels with multiple towers. :)


Yes please develop a fully fleshed out version!!!


Fun game!

Thanks, Ethan-Marcum!

Your welcome! Are you adding to it?


AMAZING simply a perfectly polished game


Thanks a lot, Skyvenger_Studios, we are trying to develop a new full-fleshed version out of this since this one was done rushed in 48h. Let's see what the future will bring to us!


This is an amazing, fresh concept into the classic tower defense. It reminds me of Two-Timin' towers, except you don't personally take damage. There's a lot of potential to the game, it just needs some more mechanics and a LOT more levels.


Hey BurgerFanMan, thanks a lot for the compliment! I also loved Two-Timin' towers, it was done in the same Game Jam as ours, but one year later. I think they captured a very similar essence but with a completely different twist, very creative and delicious to play! 
I also think our game has potential, we are planning to keep developing and adding more stuff! Thanks a lot for leaving the comment, we really appreciated it!

Great! It's nice to see developers trying out and building upon new concepts! I'll definitely follow the game's the development progress.

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its the best tower defense game in the UNIVERSE

That's a very bold statement, I hope you're right, but I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, thanks a lot for the huge compliment!



I liked!!

Thanks, Lordputit0!


I love it. Simple and really fun. Thanks for sharing this game

Ownn, thank you for spending your time with our little game, we are super glad that you've enjoyed Shulai!


This was really good.

Thank you for the comment Zephyrstranded, it means a lot to us <3


Such a simple yet addictive mechanic! Would love for this to be fleshed out more maybe managing multiple towers also!


If that was added then I would say to change the art on the different towers so that you know which upgrades one has.

Nice suggestion! We are still considering what an extra tower could be, imagine that it could be a single non-upgradable bot that helps you a little bit, not a full-fleshed tower! The design options are endless, let's see what we come up with when the full game is ready!


Yes! We are starting to develop a bigger version, and multiple towers are for sure one mechanic that we have in mind! Thanks for the suggestion Jaidyn Edwards!


 very good

Thanks a lot, GGDR!


I loved this game a lot, I hope there's more level's.

Hey KevinIsSad, don't be sad! We are currently making a bigger version of this game and I hope we can share some stuff with you all soon! Thanks for the interest and for leaving a comment!

any updates? <3


Really loved the mechanics and concept here. Very cute and original. More control over which enemy your tower focuses on would be nice but and the level progression could be a bit more gradual, but I think that'll come if you make a full version. Love this. 

Yea, totally! We are building a full version to organize this progress and design properly. Glad you enjoyed it and I hope we can make something that you love whenever the full version is ready :D



Indeed it needs, that's why we are starting the development of a full version. It's going to take a while, but I promise it will be way more cool than this small Jam demo :)
Thanks for the interest Goatllama4052YT


SO FUN! One of the best "Tower Defence, BUT WITH A TWIST" games I've played! I'd like to see a full version, if possible, and the art was also really cute <3

Thank you so much TheDudeofDC, sorry for taking so long to reply. We started developing a full version, but since all our team members are working full time on other companies, it will be a little bit slow. But eventually we are going to update all you guys on our twitter!

WOW! Thanks for taking the time to respond. Thanks, will check that out!

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This is a really good game! I have played all types of TD games with all different ideas in them but this one really puts a whole new perspective on TD games. Would really like to see a full version of this.

Thank you so much for your kind words eab421! We are starting the development of a full version, follow us on Twitter for more information in the future!


Pressing space doesn't let me pick up the tower, can't even start trying the game.


you use WASD for move player at tower and press space to pick

Thanks for replying Shindi!

No problem!

Hey Shindi, as Tales_Art said, you need to be colliding with the tower to pick it up! If it doesn't work please let me know!


bruh, can someone please make a full game of this or at least use this idea to make a full game


I'm on it!

Hey GhostBitStudios, amazing to hear that you are making a game inspired by our mechanic, I'm looking forward to hear about it!

yes I fell in love with your mechanic! I personally don't like tower defenses, but what you made, is simply an amazing take on it! I'll definitely let you know once I got mines going 

Hey Calvyno! We are super happy that you liked it! We started our development for a full-fleshed TowerBag game, but since we are working on our spare hours, the progress is a bit slow and it will take a few months to start sharing some images/gifs. For more information, we will share news on our personal Twitter account soon™

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Probably the best game i played ever☺

Calm down G55cubing, the game is cool but that's a bold statement!

I am not a big fan of computer games but this is realy realy awesome


i aprove this game


If shitass12312 said it, then it is approved. No discussion needed.


This is really nice!

Thanks a lot, CleeDotExe!


10/10 would love to see a full version

That's amazing to hear Jasmine Daemon, please, follow us on Twitter as we do expect to share some news soon™

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