Play as a little lonely skull, carry your TowerBag and face the evil creatures of the forest. This is a Tower Defense Game, but with only one Tower. Arrow Keys/WASD to walk, Spacebar to grab the tower.

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Matheus Cunegato (Game Designer and Programmer)

Rodolfo Salazar (Artist and Magician)


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good game

This game is absulute splendid!!!!

i hope you will expand this project.

Your game is beautiful and its mechanics are really delicious. Thank you for doing it and I hope you get opportunity to update it

Love the game good job!

Great game, good job guys.


Hello, I played this game a couple of times so far and I'm having a lot of fun. I'm a huge fan of the tower defense genre and this game is definitely great, I wish I'd see more updates or something like that, as I'm writting this I'm developing my own TD, but with a way different idea.

Anyway, please keep me updated when you're going to add more levels and more stuff, even if this game was short, it was extremely fun to play.


Loved the game so much it got me into learning to program games (with Godot). Would be an honour, if you checked out my prototype "Bomberhase" (, which was inspired by Towerbag. Thanks :)

Hey Branko3000! That really makes my day, knowing that something we did inspired you to learn new things and create!

I`ve played Bomberhase but I couldn`t left a comment there or write on the feedback link (it says I don`t have access, probably need to set this up), but here`s my feedback:

Loved the colors and art in general, super simple yet well thought. Vibrant and exciting :D. The spin is also super clever, I imagine that you went with the same idea that we had (tower defense with something that keep you moving), but with a total different perspective. I think this idea has a lot of potential! About the design, the only thing I think it's not clicking is the bomb timer, I do imagine that one of your ideas was for the player to predict where the robot will be and position the bomb related to that. But with the current feedback, is really hard to read how the bomb behaves and how much time you have left for each bomb. Maybe if you put a literal number on the bomb that goes down until 0, or a bar that decreases, I think that would help a lot. (even to understand how the bomb spawn works, it was not clear to me if their time are random or based on something else). The other feedback is all about polishing, have enemies behave in ways that makes you play differently, or even different bombs spawning with different mechanics. I think there are a lot of things to explore on this idea, congratulations, I hope you keep working on this! I've managed to go until wave 9!


Nice to hear from you! I initially wanted to rebuild Towerbag for learning purposes because it had just the scope I needed. But then I was like: You know whats missing? Explosions! So I added explosions. And a rocketlauncher. And rockets. And turret controls. And homing. And then was all way to complicated to play. And then it clicked and now the game is about dropping bombs as a pyromaniac rabbit.

I'll definetly add a decreasing bar to the bombs (and keep the flashing for extra clearance). I haven't yet got a good idea for bomb spawning. Currently it is a fixed pattern with 12 different places on the map, that is rotated through with 3 different bombs. That was to make sure there are always enough bombs on the screen. But I'm leaning towards a timer based approach that will just drop bombs from the sky... Same for enemies, they are super simple at the moment. One more every wave, get tougher and faster. Each one has a random seed between 0 and 1 that sets the toughness to speed ratio (the tougher the slower and vice versa). I'll try to think up some interesting interactions with the enemys and different bomb types next.

Anyways, awesome to hear from you and thanks for the tip with the feedback form, I forgot to make it public...

Branko i was browsing through gamejams playing interesting games and stumbled upon your comment, I quickly created an accout just to reply because i wanted to tell you that the game has a lot of potential, played it 3/4 times and with some polish it could easily be a great full game on steam or even as a mobile game, since for now is pretty short i would suggest taking a look at kingdom rush on the play store, as it implements replayability really well, oh and just to say i would surely buy the game on steam for 2/10 bucks.

Hi Quink, That is nice to hear! I have continued working on it but haven't finished a new version yet. I'll take a look at your suggestion, thank you a lot!


why cant it be longer doh :(

It will be one day Adam! We really want to work more on this, as soon as we have more time to work on it!


A very nice game :D

Thanks a lot Leo!


The best Tower Defense game in my life!

That's a very bold statement for a game so short! But I'm very happy that you enjoyed this, and I promisse you that eventually this will be full fleshed in a complete game 


Please make this into a full game!!!

We will do this JamesPeter, believe! It's a matter of time


I really love this game


Ownn, thanks a lot Chenoavw!


Love the concept, the artwork, and the gameplay was pulling me to play it more and more! Expand this game, you won't regret it!

We are also pretty excited with this concept, thanks a lot Romanbean, as soon as we start working on this I'll keep everyone here updated :D

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I love this little game and the pixel art is nice. it's highly addictive i'd love to see this expanded into a full game with more power ups and other cool stuff. You should try an expand this and port it for mobile. i feel like it would be pretty popular. it really hits a chord for me. i haven't felt this attracted to (not sure what word to use lol. maybe addictive?) a small web/or mobile game like this simple mechanics since a game for the sidekick cellphone back in the day where you control this bouncing ball around obstacles on screen with the track ball on the phone.

I agree, me and Rodolfo discussed about working on this for mobile vs PC/Console. To be honest, we still haven't decided, both options seems to be really cool to work on. Maybe we can do both, but with different projects? Let's see what comes in the future

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It would be awesome to see a full game.

Thanks a lot Xyzeros, We also want a lot to make this a full game!


Hey, Matheus your game is amazing, we are europes laregst smart tv portal COUCHPLAY and we would love to bring your game on our plattform, any chance? we would just need one keyboard setting change, we would sent you an new Samsung Smart TV as a present, best, Vince 

Hey CouchplayTV, sorry for taking so long to reply. This is an amazing offer, but to be complete sincere with you, neither me or Rodolfo are programmers, and we don't feel very confortable on adapting this for other platform. I really appreciate the offer, thanks a lot for that!


Really nice game! I had a lot of fun while playing it and the beautiful design just made it feel super smooth. If there were more levels, I would totally play it! 

Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much Zyano, we are really looking foward to release a small but complete game with this mechanic in mind in the future. 

If you want to be updated, I'll post things as we do on Twitter (I haven't yet because we are doing other personal projects right now hahaha, but I promisse before the end of the year I'll have something to show :D)

Thanks for your nice reply!  I am excited to see more of your game  and will check out your progress on Twitter.  

I wish you all the best and hopefully much fun, while developing  your game further! :D


Is a good game

Thanks a lot!


Seriously fantastic job!  I really enjoyed this game.  Smart design choice on littering the play field with the pickups, it gives the player something meaningful to do while the towers attack.  Nice work!

Thank you so much, it means a lot to us! :D


This was really fantastic, a nice idea and wonderful execution. Animations, sounds and responsiveness are stunning for something done in such short time.

Please make this into a fully fledged release, I'd love to sink some more time into it.

Thanks for the feedback LeKnuth! We're start prototyping a full fledged for it. Since we all work full time, it will take some time to finish, so if you are interested, we're going to keep posting news about this on our twitter! Cheers :D


Is the download version a longer game or the same as the browser one? Either way i really like this idea!


Same length.


Nice mechanic, but it's annoying that the tower prioritizes the boss while I want it to shoot the little enemies first and then shoot at the boss. Otherwise it seems to target whichever enemy is nearest. However, the player wants it to target the enemy closest to the end of the path.


You mentioned that you're not a good programmer, so here's what the code could look like:

  1. Determine the enemies in range.
  2. Sort enemies into lists (arrays) based on priority (regular enemies or boss enemy).
  3. Attack boss enemy if there are no regular enemies.
  4. Otherwise check which enemy is closest to the exit (check y pos with y pos exits). Then target the enemy closest to the exit.

Note that this only works if the exits are all at the same y position.  Otherwise split the list of regular enemies into a list per exit (check if the x pos is equal to the x pos of the exit (probably use a small threshold)). Then check foreach list which enemy is closest to its exit.

I completely agree. We'll adjust the aiming system as it's still not working as intended, and this issue with the boss just makes it worse indeed. We have a similar system as you have mentioned (except in jam spaghetti code), so when we refactor it properly we'll tackle this issue too. Thank you for taking the time to break down a good direction to solve it!

You should make it so the towers target the enemy furthest down the path, it makes speedrunning this game really annoying when your tower just decides not to shoot the enemy.

Just noticed there was a bug fix update, I'll test it to see if it's fixed.

Did you change the download to the new version? it says the downloadable file is from 2 days ago.

Yeah, both the downloadabled and web versions should have the fix to the bug you mentioned!

Okay, I will test it out!

Sadly it does not seem to be fixed, the tower prioritizes the enemy closest to it instead of shooting the ones ahead of it.

That's weird. We'll make sure to fine-tune the aiming system until this issue is gone. Thank you for the feedback!


The art is so cute!

Thanks Valia!


GUYS! For some reason is not showing who is donating things to us, but someone donated $5 a few days ago, and now someone donated $20. I don't know what to say, I just want to say thank you so much for both anonymous persons, this means so much to us! You guys are awesome!


I am in love with this game! I hope you will consider building on this super charming and ridiculously fun concept!


Yeee, we are discussing about making it a full game, we are just trying to fit in our calendar, since we both work full time. If you are interested, we will share any news about this on our twitter accounts! Also, thanks a lot for this feedback, it means a lot to us!


I hope you don't get caught too much with feature creep. The simplicity of this game really sells it for me. The tower being the only way to deal damage, while also being the fastest way to move, makes strategy for the game super fun, and pretty tense sometimes. I hope whatever you do, you're able to hold onto that feeling!

Thanks for the updates! I can't wait to see where this game goes!



Thank youuuu


I loved the artwork!!Not much of a tower defense player, still i finished the entire game. The concept of 'only one' fits perfectly for the game. Having only one tower makes the game very intersting and gives you a sense of rush.

Anyway keep up with the good work.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Rodolfo did all the artwork by himself, he's super good!


Such a great game! I really liked the concept in the game and it was different to other tower defense games I've played. The art style was very nice and I loved all the characters you've created. Overall a very fun and enjoyable game, keep up the good work :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


Thanks a lot for this feedback, we really appreciated it! We've never heard about this, thank you so much for bringing it up! We will participate for sure!

That sounds great! :D


This a GREAT Concept I had a lot of fun playing this the only thing I have a problem with is that after you get the party hat you don't get to keep it. I called it jimmy i was sad when it just *poof* just gone.


Not only you'll get to keep the hat, but there'll also be a second tier upgrade in the next patch. Get your party moves ready.


Stop promising things that require programming, I'll not do that!

⁽ᴵ ʷᶦˡˡ ᵈᵒ ᶦᵗ⁾




Yes, a great concept. I don't like tower defense, but this is very stategic and shows a lot of promise. I like the implementation of collecting gems as a risk-reward-system. With more complex level layouts and maybe additional towerbags (now that you are free from the shackles of the theme) this could become a very fresh take on the genre.

Indeed, being free from the theme opens a lot of interesting design space! We are already discussing about expanding this idea into a full fleshed game, if you are interested, we will update this idea on our twitter accounts. Thanks a lot for the feedback :D

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Hot dang, great idea and execution of the theme! Good luck expanding on this :)

Thanks a lot, we will post future plans on our twitters! We are already discussing about expanding it :)


Wow this is super impressive. This whole concept is very clever, especially the mechanic where your character speed increases when you are holding the bag makes you decide if you should place the tower down or to keep holding it to collect gems quicker for upgrades. 

Thanks a lot! The idea of running faster was funny, we just inverted the speeds to try it out and it worked super well, it's a interesting risk/reward thing :D


I regret that I didn't find this game during the voting period, I would've given it 5 stars across the board!

Thanks a lot! Don't worry about this, stars are just for feedback, and your kind words does the same effect on our hearts <3


Really nice game, the little skull is cute, and the concept is really bringing something new to the tower-defense games. For the further content, it might be cool to have to manage like 2 towers at the same time, each with different abilities, or make a evolving tree for the turret that changes it more, like poison, freeze, multi targets and so on. Hope you guys will continue to develop this game !


Yea! We both loved the concept about having to physically pick up the tower, and we want to expand it to more towers (since this was the Jam theme, we couldn't expand like this haha). But yea, this idea can grow in many different paths, I can even imagine a overcooked-like game about coordinating your team on a tower defense genre. Well, let's see what the future holds for us! Thanks a lot for the feedback :D


i hope you make this into a fuller game this game has a ton of potential but, with out much content it is a little repetitive. also i think you should add a dash or something to make the movement more interesting and the collision box for the player felt a little to big. this game is in the top 5 i have seen this jam


Thanks a lot for the feedback! We are start a discussion about expanding the concept in a full fleshed game, but since we both work full time, it will take some months to finish it. Yet, I'll keep everyone here updated! Thank you again for the feedback, we really appreciated :D

great, can't wait to see how it turns out! best of luck!


Visuals are super crisp! I would love to be able to access the Tower Upgrade by having to press a button within a zone rather than placing it in the center. I often found myself hurriedly trying to place it down to upgrade it while enemies made their way down the lane.

Love the concept, great job! 

We do believe that this is part of the gameplay loop (upgrades are a risk situation, and you are not always on a good position to do it). Yet, I hear you, with the current polish there are a lot of situations that it just seems bad designed. For a complete version we will rework on this system for sure. Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Looking forward to seeing your changes!!


Great twist on a classic mode.  This one has a lot of potential. I could definitely see something like this sitting next to a game like Forager on Steam. The visuals are nice and clean without being too simple. A bit of polish would really make it pop.

In terms of gameplay, the concept is great. I would probably make the level curve a bit smoother. You could also add new ways of obtaining crystals (e.g. enemies which drop crystals but only for a short period of time) and crystals of greater value. I would also like to see a second progression system which extends beyond each stage. One would reset between maps and confer larger bonuses while the other would grant smaller bonuses but would carry between maps. An alternate game mode or optional challenge could turn something like this off.

Finally, the boss fight is a neat concept but it would be cool the boss itself could move around. To that end, enemies (and bosses) should be able to attack the player, damaging your map health.  Optionally, giving the player a form of attack separate from the tower would add a lot of depth while keeping the "single tower" concept intact.

I've played a lot of these games - I like what i'm seeing here. Hopefully this feedback reaches you. Ultimately, it's your game and your vision and it's better to nail the core loop than risk feature creep. 

This demo shows a strong foundation and I would love to buy the final product. 

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback. As the designer I can confirm that your vision of scalability is pretty align with mine. The idea of a permanent upgrade between staged is exactly what I want to do for a bigger version, much like kingdom rush series does.

What we have here is indeed a strong foundation, the boss and the upgrades were a quick way to show this potential but they are indeed lacking polish (short gam jams are hard hahaha)

Again, thank you so much for the feedback, we really appreciate it


Awesome game. Got the achievement on my second playthrough.

(1 edit) (+1)

Party hat meta!

The achievement is a funny story. Matheus thought it would be nice to have it in the game, so he stopped everything he was doing at the time (which was objectively more important since it was the last day of the jam) in secret.

Lo and behold, he took a screenshot of the steam achievement UI and pasted our character on top of it.

I was not amused. So I also made him add chickens in the game.


True story, I regret nothing!!!

You made the right choice.


I love this game! hopefully you update it to have more levels because you executed the idea perfectly.


Thank you so much! Our primary goal after the jam is to polish out some ideas and mechanics and see where this will take us. The feedback so far has shown us that there's a lot of room for exploration in the genre. Stay tuned!

That's great to hear!

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