Play as a little lonely skull, carry your TowerBag and face the evil creatures of the forest. This is a Tower Defense Game, but with only one Tower. Arrow Keys/WASD to walk, Spacebar to grab the tower.

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Matheus Cunegato (Game Designer and Programmer)

Rodolfo Salazar (Artist and Magician)

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(312 total ratings)
AuthorsMatheusCunegato, dorodo
Made withGameMaker
TagsGameMaker, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Pixel Art, Tower Defense
Average sessionA few minutes


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Nice game!

Cute art style and nice concept! I like it!

Nice concept !

Really nice game! :3
I hope you add more to it.

Incredible I love it! Good job!

오 간단하고 재밌네요 .재밌게 했습니다!!

Hey I have a friend who has this game on his laptop, and he let me play it, I really liked it but my PC is on windows, by any chance can you make a windows version please?

Pretty fun! I lost on wave two, but I could probably play this for hours, or for however long it takes me to win

super cute style and fun :D


*sigh* full version abandoned, aint it?

very nice and creative game

this game is a very good, is a great game and good mecanic. I like this game


good game but i wish it was longer tho

great game!

Really cool game!


This DESERVES an Endless mode

I get it'd be a bit hard to do, but I still think it needs more content


we need ENDLESS

Very cool game. Unfortunately 3 it's the max level.


I would totally play a full version of this with several levels and multiple bosses. This is a really cool tower defense!



fun! nice! very pleasant game.


Fun game and super interesting concept! I would love to see an expanded version. More maps, enemy types, maybe different tower skill trees, and potentially even a co-op version where each person has their own tower.


or having to micromanage two towers with one player even! I think this is game is fun, and a nice touch would maybe be adding targeting options.

This was very entertaining. Thanks for making this!


its a really good game. I liked it allot cause it puts me out of my TD comfort zone of just placing a tower and waiting for the round to end. I wish to see more games like this nice work

THIS GAME IS FANTASTIC! I really really hope that the developers are planning to expand it. Even just an infinite arcade mode where I can stay playing against random waves of enemies it is so satisfying. It also seems like it would work excellently as a phone game? It is so so promising please make more of it. Either way I wish you all the best and thank you for sharing your art


There are no economic upgrades meaning that crystal collection requires a lot of skill to even get slightly better results


I hope this becomes a full-blown game, because it is fun.


its beautiful and entretainig


An incredible amount of effort and heart went into this. Make this into an entire game, and charge money for this. if that isn't already your plan


Really fun! Wish there was more.


I want moooree!!!!!!!!!!


The game design is very dynamic and interessting ! Good luck if you continu to work on !


i wish there was more levels


Very cute, super simple, good concept, and most importantly super fun! Great job!


so fun. I couldn't stop playing

yea ik right


I love it! Had a great time, I was sad it was over so soon! 


Yeah same

I lost all my health at the last enemy of the last phase T_T


I love the idea, you should really make a longer version.


Hello sir, I want to hire you for gaming side projects please add me on twitter @dior_eth

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