Play as a little lonely skull, carry your TowerBag and face the evil creatures of the forest. This is a Tower Defense Game, but with only one Tower. Arrow Keys/WASD to walk, Spacebar to grab the tower.

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Matheus Cunegato (Game Designer and Programmer)

Rodolfo Salazar (Artist and Magician)


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its the best tower defense game in the UNIVERSE

I liked!!

I love it. Simple and really fun. Thanks for sharing this game

This was really good.

Such a simple yet addictive mechanic! Would love for this to be fleshed out more maybe managing multiple towers also!

 very good


I loved this game a lot, I hope there's more level's.

Really loved the mechanics and concept here. Very cute and original. More control over which enemy your tower focuses on would be nice but and the level progression could be a bit more gradual, but I think that'll come if you make a full version. Love this. 



SO FUN! One of the best "Tower Defence, BUT WITH A TWIST" games I've played! I'd like to see a full version, if possible, and the art was also really cute <3

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This is a really good game! I have played all types of TD games with all different ideas in them but this one really puts a whole new perspective on TD games. Would really like to see a full version of this.

Thank you so much for your kind words eab421! We are starting the development of a full version, follow us on Twitter for more information in the future!


Pressing space doesn't let me pick up the tower, can't even start trying the game.


you use WASD for move player at tower and press space to pick

Thanks for replying Shindi!

No problem!

Hey Shindi, as Tales_Art said, you need to be colliding with the tower to pick it up! If it doesn't work please let me know!


bruh, can someone please make a full game of this or at least use this idea to make a full game


I'm on it!

Hey GhostBitStudios, amazing to hear that you are making a game inspired by our mechanic, I'm looking forward to hear about it!

yes I fell in love with your mechanic! I personally don't like tower defenses, but what you made, is simply an amazing take on it! I'll definitely let you know once I got mines going 

Hey Calvyno! We are super happy that you liked it! We started our development for a full-fleshed TowerBag game, but since we are working on our spare hours, the progress is a bit slow and it will take a few months to start sharing some images/gifs. For more information, we will share news on our personal Twitter account soon™

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Probably the best game i played ever☺

Calm down G55cubing, the game is cool but that's a bold statement!

I am not a big fan of computer games but this is realy realy awesome


i aprove this game


If shitass12312 said it, then it is approved. No discussion needed.


This is really nice!

Thanks a lot, CleeDotExe!


10/10 would love to see a full version

That's amazing to hear Jasmine Daemon, please, follow us on Twitter as we do expect to share some news soon™


I found this game quite enjoyable along with being unique in concept and nice in graphics and gameplay. I would buy a full version and I wish there was more to play. I did get 1250 gems at the last level by killing all the waves and not killing the boss, hoped the enemies would keep coming and I could buy infinite upgrades. If you do continue this game I think a endless mode would be a good feature along with a continued level system, or just a endless mode.

Hey SaferAce, thanks a lot for leaving such cool feedback! Those enemies should be spawning infinitely, but unfortunately, I've never found on the code why they suddenly stop spawning hahaha.

An endless mode is a super cool idea, it's amazing to keep adding upgrades until the tower is completely broken and amazing. Since we are planning a full-fleshed game, an endless mode will be considered for sure!

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Awesome concept, awesome execution. Love it

Thanks a lot, Aquaventurer, it's so nice to hear wholesome feedbacks like yours :3


That was a fun little game! Thanks for making it!

Thank you so much Cablefish, both for playing the game and for leaving this kind comment <3


very nice game!

Thank you so much alfredsheep!


Pls make more its such a fun game and a really good concept I don't know how y'all are making this spectacular games its just shocking I hope you guys would make more if there would be a full ver I would pay for this.

Hey BAugbaug, that's so kind! We love to hear this kind of feedback and it's what moves us to keep doing what we do. We are starting the development of a full-fleshed version, but unfortunately, we do this in our spare hours (since the whole team is already working in the game industry 8h/d). We are moving slow but we are getting there, we do plan to share some news soon™ on our Twitter accounts, so stay tuned!



ʷᵉ ʷᶦˡˡ ᵖᵒˢᵗ ⁿᵉʷˢ ᵒⁿ ᵒᵘʳ ᵀʷᶦᵗᵗᵉʳ ᵉᵛᵉⁿᵗᵘᵃˡˡʸ ˢᵒ ˢᵗᵃʸ ᵗᵘⁿᵉᵈ


Very cool concept, only sad about how short it is. Also could be a bit harder, I only lost half a heart, beating the boss on my first attempt. Lastly that hat Easter Egg is very funny (got it on my second run)

Hey JmePenseBon! Thanks for your feedback! We agree, the difficulty is not properly balanced, but we choose to keep it that way for more people to play it to the end since it's a very rough game jam prototype. Consider it a tutorial level that we don't expect you to lose hahaha.

We are planning to create a longer, complete and more challenging version of this concept, feel free to follow us on Twitter if you are interesting in it!


cool game a little short and easy but fun

Thanks a lot for your feedback Theartisticextrovert! We are working on a longer and more challenging version of this concept. If you are interested, feel free to follow us on Twitter!


Its a really nice tower defense with a different concept
Art: the pixelart colour pallete looks soft and really pretty, it really makes the game more appealing
Sounds: nothing to say here other that they really fit with the style
Mechanics: It's pretty good, creative and interesting for a short game, I think that using this concept in a longer game would be interesting to see!

This game is well executed for a game jam, and I would love to see more of your creations!

Keep it souled!

Thanks a lot for this complete review Ethanic Studios! I completely agree about fitting this concept in a longer game! We are starting a development process for a full-fleshed Towerbag, and eventually we will share some news on our Twitter account :)

Also, if you want to check a few other games that we created for other Game Jams, feel free to check out my itch account!


how do i fullscreen

Unfortunately, there's no way to fullscreen this version. Sorry about that Mr ProfessionalJarOfMayo :(


This was awesome - I want more!

Hey dr!ppy! That's amazing to hear! We are planning to create a full game, so if you are interested, follow us on our personal Twitter account for more information soon™


I really like it but its a bit short and maybe difficulty levels

Hey solenoid99, it is! We managed to create and polish this small experience in 48h! But since many people (we included) saw a big potential for this gameplay, we are planning to create a full-fleshed game. Follow us on our personal Twitter account for more news soon™


really cool game! Only a little easy. I think you should make the enemies do 1 full heart of damage and maybe add an extra heart if you do but maybe that doesn't even have to.

Hey Olijff! Thanks for your feedback! We agree, the difficulty is not properly balanced, but we choose to keep it that way for more people to play it to the end since it's a very rough game jam prototype. Consider it a tutorial level that we don't expect you to lose hahaha.


Are you going to make more levels?

Hey xHyperGx, sorry for taking so long to reply! We are expecting to work on a full game, and for that, we are basically gonna start all over again. For more information, follow our personal twitter account that we are planning to share some stuff soon™


Are you two brazillians?

Hey Stellar! Yeap, me and Rodolfo are two Brazilian Game Developers, glad to meet you!


love it! just beat it first try and i loved it!


Hey Ducko! Beat the boss first time too? You are good! Congratulations and thanks for the compliment! :D

yup even the boss! would love if you added more level


this game is the best game of all time

I'm not going to disagree with you but you are bonkers! Thanks so much for the compliment, it means a lot to us!


This is dope, beaten it 3 times now, more levels and i would pay for the extended game.

3 times?? That's crazy! We are super glad that you've enjoyed, it's comments like yours that give us a clear vision that Tower Bag full fleshed game will be a thing in the future!


this is fun

Hey yo n00b, we are glad that you liked it!


Cool mechanic! :D

Hey Luka! Thank you! We are very proud of this tiny idea HAHA!


T'was pretty good

Hey Boberin! Thanks a lot!


I love Tower Defense games and this was a delight.

We are super glad that you liked it Joserbala! We too are very passionate about the genre!



Hey ndd! You are fantastic! Thanks a lot for the compliment

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